Best Round-the-world trip?

Not sure where to travel

Not sure where to travel…

Here’s an experiment. If I had the opportunity to do one round-the-world five month trip and wanted to squeeze in as much interest, novelty, cultural, climatic and geographical variation on a modest budget, what would my route be and which countries would I visit? I’m going to post a first draft here and edit it over time (swapping countries and routes for example, adding points of interest, Vietnam or Cambodia?) hopefully as a result of constructive comments. The end “ideal” backpacker trip should give an amazing and challenging experience for someone who is interested but can’t quite decide where to go.

An Ideal trip


from London:

  • Egypt (Cairo, Luxor)
  • Israel (Eilat scuba diving qualification, Jerusalem)


  • India (Delhi, Agra, Varanasi)
  • Nepal (Kathmandu, Annapurna or Everest Base Camp Trek, Tibet)


  • Thailand (Bangkok)
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Vietnam (Southern)


  • China (Hong Kong, Yangshuo)
  • Australia (Sydney)
  • New Zealand (South Island, Queenstown)


  • New year in Sydney (or Auckland)
  • Cook Islands (Raratonga, Aitutaki) Timed to allow two New Year’s Days
  • Chile (Atacama, you need basic Spanish language skills)
  • Bolivia (Uyuni salt flats,  Yungas Trek, La Paz)


  • Brazil (Iguassu Falls, Rio Carnival)
  • Optional return via the USA (New York)

back to London.

Unless you know different!

UPDATE 1 Removed  “Jordan (Wadi Rum, Petra)”, too many deserts!

UPDATE 2 Added trek to Annapurna as first choice with the Everest Base Camp trek as 2nd choice.

For a cheaper option, miss South America and from the Cook Islands go via USA (LA, Las Vegas, San Franciso) and Canada (Vancouver, Toronto) and USA (New York) and back to London.

For a more expensive option, when in South America, add a 10 day trip to Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina, via Buenos Aires and El Calafate.

(a cheap round the world ticket would still be roughly US $5000)

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