I don’t need to buy a teapot!

The benefits of having a break are well known. A normal work and home life routine suddenly disturbed by the chaos of Djemma el Fna market square in Marakesh, Morocco. Values are reassessed and time stands still with black coffess, sitting with the local old men accompanied by warbling snake charmer tones. Another few days all this will seem normal. What constitutes a top city break is quite personal but undoubtedly the Easyjet fare to places like Morocco or Turkey give an astonishing opportunity to experience a complete cultural change. Hopefully it is only a matter of time before the Easy and economical airline companies link up around the world. I have heard that some describe the culture here as naive. Alternatively they may know how to live, what’s important in life and have the apparent naive ability to learn new things often superior to mature isolated cynicism. I’m just amazed by it all.

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