Cycling, a great antidote to sitting in front of a computer all day.

This time a trip from Carlisle to London, roughly 400 miles over two weeks. You always learn something new whenever you do a tour: correct position of saddle to avoid back aches, correct spare inner tube size, re-greasing of pedal to eliminate creaking noises, better to stop two nights in one place and do greater mileages, up to 65 miles a day is a reasonable maximum, a hot drink in a flask is appropriate for very wet days, neoprene over shoes don’t seem to be waterproof, it doesn’t matter if you walk up very steep hills, easy accessible toffees in the handlebar bag are comforting rewards, rehearse the route in the Garmin GPS to minimize kinks in the route and add intermediate points as necessary, Wetherspoons or similar is a cheap and high energy source of food, and so on. Strangely it’s not about the cycling itself but the focus on a single physical challenging activity. Amazing scenery in the lake district. My first puncture with this bicycle on the second day.

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