Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker (Dive: Holchan Marine Reserve), Friday 17th November 2006

I am not really a hardcore diver, two dives and the afternoon free suits me fine. I have just come back from a splurge at the Rasta Pasta with sand on the floor and by splurge I mean paying as much as I would in a restaurant in London. For the first time I was actually cold on the boat trip to the dive site. I just need to note for future reference my belt weight needs to be eight kilograms. A friendly mixed group included Londoner Claire my dive buddy. Apart from having the mask on too tightly the first dive was comfortable with good conservation of air. All the normal chores of diving were taken care of by our instructors. The feeling of pleasant tiredness was complemented by a banana, honey and peanut butter sandwich on the beach side of a restaurant. The Tropics hotel room is far more comfortable as I lie here on a bed writing and watching the fan set to slow. There are some British squaddies on exercise in town. The atmosphere continues to be friendly. Even the dogs and restaurant cats (who only have one priority) are friendly. According to the restaurant names, the lobsters and iguanas are happy too. People driving golf taxis are happy. I am happy. The odd insect bite on my feet seems a minor irritation. I dumped my passport bum-bag in the dive centre safe (Velcro pockets are perfect for the hotel key).

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