Laos Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang, Friday 5th January 2007

My adventurousness is sinking to zero. I am struggling for unique experiences when considering the adventure hiking, boating, caving, hill tribes and elephants offered here at the tour shops. I am content just walking, looking and stopping for refreshment. I completed a circuit including one of the temples with ornate mosaics on the walls. I sat sipping my mixed fruit shake at an outdoor riverside restaurant. A quick hike up the central hill past Buddha’s footprint and I watched the sunset as others gathered. This morning I was forced to leave last night’s guest house because they had other reservations. This had only happened to me once or twice before so you cannot always assume that if you have a room you can effectively choose how long you would like to stay – a little annoying but bearable. I moved to another guesthouse two roads down with bathroom. Originally when I chose this town I was considering a long scenic boat trip excursion but it now seems less logical to do it, just for the sake of the journey rather than choosing a destination in the right general direction. I need to read up a little about the history of Laos (a job for the reader).

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