Ghana Cape Coast

Cape Coast, Sunday 25th February 2007

Having some food at the beginning of the day is important for sightseeing energy. I sat looking at the sea in the restaurant by the large white Cape Castle. The views of the fishing boats along the coast were amazing. The museum covered the history of the slave trade, how a triangular route of goods between America, Europe and Africa kept everyone happy, in a trading sense. I did not find the dungeon as moving as I ought to have done – distracted by the bats on the ceiling. After a minute of conversation the locals ask for your email or telephone number – so everyone is super friendly. Even in Ghana they watch English Premiership football on a Sunday. I had lunch in a noisy bar and I was kept entertained by the locals, who were curious and wanted to keep me happy. I forgot to mention all the religious names of the shops such as “God is Great Hair Salon”. The shack across the road supplied a great pasta and malt drink and I am lying here under the rotating fan supplied.

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