Madagascar Lemur

Toliara to Ilfaty, Tuesday 27th March 2007

I took the Pousse Pousse (Rickshaw or man powered cart) from the centre of town after walking around a bit. My luggage was on top of a minibus before I had a chance to make a choice – but unfortunately it broke down with clutch problems later so I had to jump on the crowded converted lorry, sitting on a full beer crate – this was my chicken bus. A helper escorted me to various hostels; the higher temperature here down south meant I needed to hydrate more often. I stopped at an inn that had some baby lemurs and I later returned to get some more good photos. The Mora Mora Place was right on the beach and I am writing from bungalow No 9, a pleasant hut with mosquito net and light bulb. A parrot entered my hut and wanted it as a nest and would only leave reluctantly – it landed on my head. I walked along the beach to the dive place and arranged diving with South African Richard. The sea is calm. I eventually found “Chez Freddy’s” for a smoked fish starter and Zebu (beef) kebabs main course and crème caramel and on-the-house coco rum to finish – really excellent and delicious. The infrastructure had taken a step down with fences and huts made from branches of wood and sand roads. The people in the village are super friendly.

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