Ushuaia to Buenos Aires, Wednesday 2nd March 2005


Buenos Aires Tango, Argentina


I am writing this from the cocoon of a Claridge hotel room after drinking a bottle of wine at a tango show. The morning was for chores (photos and haircut) and I kept meeting people from the cruise. There was some sort of accident near the restaurant where I was having lunch. I met “the engineers” while rushing a quick espresso in the café. The flight was painless with strong sun heating the window cover. I was slightly early and the man with the car and notice soon arrived. I have to admire the quality of an expensive hotel. To operate the lifts you need your room card! Everything is luxurious and I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. There was not much time to plan the evening and I soon booked the tango show which I enjoyed very much. I listened to the soothing piano in the lobby. Basically you do not have to think when you come to a hotel like this. Everything is done for you with a professional friendliness – a fitting end to a great trip. Apart from getting on a plane tomorrow I doubt there will be much to say.

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