Jordan Petra

Petra, Wednesday 25th April 2007

There was a group of Italians at the buffet breakfast, a rare event as I do not normally stay at such pricey hotels. What a contrast it is here at the Cleopatra Hotel, far away from the overpriced ghetto near the entrance to the famous site. I am close to town where the locals eat and shop. I walked to the sacrificial point and followed the steep steps down towards the museum, a little less strenuous than yesterday’s walks. The site was busier during the day with lots of school parties, mainly Muslim girls excitedly trying their first camel ride. I taxied to town and unusually followed the drivers recommended choice (which was also mentioned in the guide). The hotelier was super friendly and helpful and as I always seem to land on my feet, I hooked up with an Andorran couple (Laia and Joseph) going to Wadi Rum, meaning that a ridiculously early start tomorrow was no longer necessary. A jeep safari in the famous desert would also have been prohibitively expensive if I had not found someone else to share the cost. I met an American family with young children on a long tour which included four months in India. The hotelier was engrossed in an American TV series which included lots of actors who looked like fashion models.

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