Darwin, Saturday 11th December 2004


Parap market aborigines, Darwin, Australia


I am overdosing on healthy juices and keeping busy. Switching on the air conditioning last night helped me sleep a little. I took the bus to the Parap market – mainly a food market which I find interesting. My t-shirt was soaked. I asked in two places whether I could walk to the museum and art gallery; one group said no you need a taxi it is too far in the heat and another said no problem about 15 minutes walk (past large raised houses). The museum contained information about aborigines, natural history and the 1974 Tracey Cyclone. I filled my water bottle and took a taxi to the Crocodylus Zoo with crocodiles (!) and other animals – great crocs and you could hold a baby croc too. One must respect creatures that can rip your arm off. I wanted to take a close up shot of the jaw and teeth. I went back for a shower, clothes wash, pasta and cinema visit. Air conditioned places feel so cold on entering but it does not take long to acclimatise. The fan is spinning above me.

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