Malaysian Orangutan

Kuching, Thursday 21st June 2007

I responded to my alarm, walked along the wet, recently cleaned corridor and had an easy taxi ride to the orangutan rehabilitation centre. There was a short walk to the feeding area, near a shop and video presentation room. At the appointed time a large orangutan (I originally wrote gorilla!) started to feed on the fruit placed on a raised platform. More orangutans arrived near the open area after most of the crowd had left. The economical bus waited for me for the return journey. There was food, postcards, a trip across the river to the fort near a massive building site – a large concrete temple. After a Fantastic Four film it was soon time to return to my orange room. Today I was unfocussed – less able to discern movement in a complex visual field spotting wildlife and slow at resolving or making sense of ambiguity. Green tea is great. The plan tomorrow is a coastal national park with large–nosed monkeys. I did not realise the place was so Muslim.

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