Fiji Diving

Levuka, Sunday 8th July 2007

I refused breakfast because of the diving but the calm conditions meant that I probably could have eaten some. The laidback German dive instructor Nobi organised things well with zero stress, diving with an American living in Tasmania. The diving was relaxing, surprising for a first dive after a few months without diving. Visibility was excellent with reef sharks and also emphasis on very small marine life. The factory for canning tuna has a waste outlet pipe that attracts all the fish. There was great chocolate cake during the surface interval back at the shop – I do like cake! You always learn something at diving – removing your BCD is much easier if you undo all the clips including the shoulder clips, otherwise it is a bit awkward. Sunday means hearing occasional church choirs. The afternoon was a post dive snooze. It is not ridiculously hot and humid and I did not need the fan last night. I like the style of the hotel: vast wooden floors with wicker furniture – it suits the place and town. The transition to July heightens the sense that my travelling time is finite and I am approaching the final quarter of my year of travel.

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