Boston, Sunday 14th May 2000


Street Ballet Audience, Boston, USA


I am writing this from my top bunk (number one) as a young bloke is now sleeping in my bunk of yesterday. I did decide to listen to some classical music yesterday (Copeland). The upper balcony was full of fresh faces. I woke up briefly many times during the night, but still received enough sleep. A quick egg muffin breakfast and I headed for the science museum, via the very curvy “T” (underground system). The museum contained very interesting and interactive exhibits including a harmful substance display. I watched a lightning demonstration and an Egyptian Omni theatre production. I sat in the bright sun outside afterwards and then began the Freedom Trail marked out by a narrow brick path. I walked past bright clear skyscrapers. Buskers played at the market. Fried dough was for sale. I went across the bridge to the ship then sat under the canopy to cool down. I heard mundane conversations about a fridge. I took the Red line to Harvard Square (triangle). A ballet dancer performed. People asked me for directions or advice. My face was glowing a bit due to sun. I am partially dehydrated and my pants are rubbing. I listened to a busking band: the lead singer/guitarist/piano player must have been about eight years old. I went back to a concert: Arthuro Sandoval and Meynard Ferguson, amazing jazz trumpeters, playing Latin rhythms. Arthuro was multitalented and performed a fantastic piano solo. There were many standing-ovations at the end. A small orchestra backed them. There is a reading light at the foot end of the bed. I had a healthy fruit dinner. I felt like snoozing. Germans were playing cards in the common floor area.

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