Costa Rica

Torteguero day trip, Saturday 18th January 2003

Wild Basking Crocodile, Torteguero, Costa Rica


The alarm failed to wake me so I must remember to take my watch off and put it by my pillow. A 6.00am start; a few more pickups, and we were stuck behind toll traffic for a while before breakfast (fruit, egg usual beans and rice) with an older couple from Virginia (bloke originally from Puerto Rico). I am eating chocolate and drinking “Tropical” at the backpackers TV room, not looking at the TV. We waited at the banana road crossing (bunches of green bananas crossing on pulleys) and saw processing in banana production. We travelled along bumpy roads and passed fences made from trees and barbed wire, along the rivers observing monkeys (Howlers, Spider), crocodiles (one hidden in reeds, one with mouth open regulating temperature), various herons, and other birds. We walked to a village to a house dining room for a Caribbean lunch (chicken, salad, bread fruit etc.) and a view of the Caribbean Sea and driftwood on the beach. It was much warmer and more humid here so the pace of life is much slower. There were two large wooden sculpted Quetzals near the children swimming. A tractor donated as part of an EU development initiative was lying rusted after working for only six months. The bright sun shone on the right-hand side of the boat and a smell of fuel was noticeable. The propeller hit a fish on the way back according to Thomas the tour guide. I listened to the high volume buzz of the outboard motor while traversing wakes of boats going in the opposite direction. It was quite tiring for a day trip with a long period on the bus. It is quite practical having a shower and washing a pair of pants at the same time. I am skipping dinner because I had such a massive breakfast and lunch. I might need to relax at bit tomorrow afternoon or evening. There is all pervasive American culture on the TV.

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