Reykjavik, Tuesday 27th June 2000

Geyser on the Golden Circle Afternoon Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland


I arrived at 2.00am and smiled at the bank machine. The public could see arrivals through the glass walls. It was a shared people carrier from Kevflavik to Reykjavik. We drove through Bodmin-like grey scenery, and I was dropped off at the Salvation Army hotel. I read travel leaflets. Room 313: Snoring and I slept for three hours. There was only space on the Golden Circle afternoon tour. It was time for breakfast at the hostel, a wander around town – in the wet and cold around souvenir shops. I felt the blustery winds and rain at the top of the cathedral tower where I bought a choral CD and t-shirts again. It was soon time for the day trip (transfer by coach). At the Gulfoss waterfall, in reaction to the cold my body said, “I need chocolate now” (a source of heat) and “I need a fleece now”, so I bought one. We stopped at the geyser (the actual geyser is not active but others close by were active). I was soaked by a surprise change of direction of the eruption. I smelt sulphur fumes. We made stops at souvenir places and at an old volcano crater. It was quite an old touring group. I am actually writing this from a very posh Indian restaurant (I feel like treating myself) and I am extraordinarily hungry, as I had skipped lunch. I am hopefully meeting up with the boys in the bar later (USA, SA and London bloke). The USA bloke shows postcards from home to attract ladies. I ordered two main meals!

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