Bromo to Lovina, Monday 28th November 1994


The Bromo Volcano in Java, Indonesia


I had a long day of travel. I got up after hearing a knock on the door; In fact got up one hour too early because I forgot to change the time on my alarm clock. There were 10 people in the jeep including the driver. We were asked for an entrance fee, but had collectively refused because it is included in the price, but I am not complaining. I am writing this in the Khi Khi Hotel in Lovina with a sore knee because I fell down an open drain when the pavement stopped in the dark rainy night. Ugh! I saw fire in the crater of the volcano, until the sun rose behind the clouds. You had to be there! Sulphurous fumes and a smoke plume stretched up in the sky. There were offers of horses. I used a torch on the way there, which was marked with large white stones. We got back at about 7.00am. I talked to the Australian couple; a bloke worked in the stock exchange and had a video camera. I had to pay for the return jeep trip before another long journey, essentially the reverse of yesterday, with the bus going on the ferry this time. The other bus broke down which meant that I said goodbye about three times. I arrived in the rain at Lovina and experienced tiresome selling with a one-way conversation and then fell down a drain. I found the Khi Khi Hotel and had a big dinner (no details of dinner?). I noticed lots of babies around and talked to a tall Indonesian guy who had studied tourism accompanied by his Swiss girlfriend. I need sleep. There is no water in the swimming pool but I am not complaining.

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