Jerusalem (late to Tel Aviv), Wednesday 28th September 1994

Jerusalem street in the old city, Israel

I am writing this in Herzeliya in northern Tel Aviv in Aviva Tamarkin’s flat, while Offra is studying Italian opposite me in the kitchen. The plan was to go to Temple Mount in the morning. I got up late again – really relaxing. I had to find out more about the plague in India, to see whether it was still serious. I saw the Australians I met in Massada Youth Hostel in the post office, lazed around, had coffee and the morning disappeared. I visited Temple Mount in the afternoon, wore a green shirt to cover my outrageous legs, and went to the Dome of Rock where Mohammed went up to God. I sat down and mellowed out in the mosque but was told to move on. A guide got pissed off that I did not hire him by saying I was a madman. I had to take off my shoes to enter the mosque. Lots of places had designated special mats. I exited at via De La Rosa and headed towards the Wailing Wall (Western Wall) then back because I found out that the bus to Cairo leaves Tel Aviv at 8.00am. I took a bus to the central bus station, and then at Tel Aviv station (just like an airport) a local bus through suburbs to Herzeliya, one stop past the central bus station. A man who got off gave directions to the road where Aviva’s flat is. Aviva was watching a Spanish soap opera and I had a panicky conversation about antibiotics required for India. Excellent dinner: I had two platefuls and beer. I went to the pharmacy with Offra and then on to a posh hotel, past the swimming pool, down to a beach side bar. I walked along cold sand and went back to the car and home. I am tired – time for bed.

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