Hogno Han, Nomads, Mongol Els Dunes and Uvgun Monastery, Wednesday 7th June 2000


Local Family near Hogno, Mongolia


It was an exceptionally bright and hot day. The fried breakfast included dough. We visited sand dunes – the 45° slope was a bit too risky for the jeep. The atmosphere was very dry and I made footprints in the sand. I am writing my diary in the usual place in the Ger just before dark. We visited a small working monastery. I went back to rest before lunch and removed my t-shirt. It is so bright! We sat drinking tea for a long time in the restaurant Ger. The locals were resting on benches. I am winding down during the last day of the trip. We walked to an ordinary family, accompanied by a member of that family (mainly to reassure the dog). I had two bowls of yoghurt and took a photo. There was a pet goat under the bed behind me as I sat on the floor. We slipped through a gap at the end of the fence on the way back. I listened to music and read the travel guide. I feel really lazy, but have exhausted local sight seeing possibilities. We had a conversation about the best way to tackle mad dogs.

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