Ghorepani (Poon Hill) to Birethanti, Monday 17th October 1994


The climactic sunrise at Poon Hill, Annapurna, Nepal


I got up early to go to Poon Hill – very cold and initially by torchlight. We drank coffee at the top – an orange sky sunrise with spectacular views. Lots of people congregated. I had two boiled eggs for breakfast. We joined up with the Danish group (the four girls are particularly nice). I kept overtaking and meeting up with them later, also with an American group. Concentration is required when choosing the next step. I spilt soup on my hand. Walking was all generally down hill with one particularly steep section down some steps that went on for a long time. We then followed the river and passed lots of donkeys on the way. I am writing this by torchlight in my room from Birethanti. I arrived here at 3.30pm and the Danish went on. I have only a half hour’s walk tomorrow. I met up and had dinner with two American girls from Tennessee who had been travelling for about a year together. I had the last piece of apple pie and a strong brandy-like drink, and had to dilute with Sprite. The Tennessee girls Beth and Marsha went to the loo together. I am feeling healthy now and can hear rushing water outside through the folding window shutters.

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