Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu to Aguas Calientes, Tuesday 13th January 1998

A Sleeping Dog at Aguas Calientes, Peru


My alarm was set for 5.25am. I slept in the dorm with the small pack as a partial pillow. I am writing this at Gringo Bill’s hostel in Aguas Calientes and it is raining heavily. I can not believe how lucky I have been with the two gorgeous days on the Inca trail. It was still dark in the morning so I had to use a torch for the first half-hour. A couple set a cracking pace. The valley was full of low cloud. Finally after mainly downhill stretches I reached Porta Del Sol, revealing a view of the famous Macchu Picchu ruins. I met a boisterous tour group. I received a welcome biscuit from a large German bloke. I am feeling mellow and relaxed. I took the classic photo of the ruins. The cloud was rising up over the ruins and clearing. Llamas were everywhere. I listened to some of the tour guide’s commentary around ruins. I dumped the rucksack. After quick walks around I then snoozed in one spot. The sun was bright and I had to use a book as shade. I sheltered under a ledge and the few droplets of rain soon stopped. There were lots of tour groups and I imagine rich Americans. I went back down the hairpin-bend route by bus. A young boy chased the bus at each road level by foot, descending more directly down the mountainside. The rain is really flowing now. A mad little French girl is chasing flies and playing with marbles. I said bye to Dan and Clarissa. I had a lethargic meal with the German group, with a complementary alcoholic drink. They tried to play basketball with paper and cups. The change I used to pay for the meal returned as change to the German couple. I watched the afternoon train come and go and wandered back to the hostel in the rain. I believe a splurge is necessary in horrible weather. I can not really have a shower because my soap and a complete change of clothes are still stored back in Cuzco.

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