Russian Federation (FSU)

Vladivostok – Irkutsk Trans-Siberian, Sunday 28th May 2000

Food at Stations, Tran Siberian, FSU


A nice relaxing Sunday on a train that has just stopped at the station with the Decembrist mural. I heard some German. I got up a few hours after dawn and adjusted my watch back two hours. Again my companions offered me food and tea and I accepted. I shaded the bright sun using my large magazine. I fell asleep again in the morning – with dreams about being late and things not working. I jumped up quickly to wash. Children in the corridor are playing with “Titanic” playing cards. I am cutting bits of dry bread from the brick. I peeled my apple. The other daughter is eating gherkins. The guard indicated that there was something to photograph at the station (meaning the mural) and I took some photos of the countryside too: there are perhaps more trees, and more signs of civilisation, such as tarmac roads. Almost there, only eight hours to go! The young daughter wanted to buy “chips”. I finished my pot noodle. The sky was cloudier today and I felt cool first thing in the morning in shorts. My mineral water fell over and gave a fright. Some industrialised areas appeared. Activity: Real lazing about and I am getting used to the pace. The countryside could now be described as more hilly. I hear munching crisps from above. I am feeling quite loyal to the community in this carriage. Yes, I am “a long way from home”. I saw my first classic moustached old Russian lady.

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