Vrhnika (Pokljuka), Saturday 8th March 2003

Potica cake, Slovenia


Today was the day for walking in the mountains. I felt reasonable after little sleep. A misty and warm drive to Pokljuka, past Brnik and Bled to a place where there are few ski lifts and where cross-country skiing is popular. I trudged along the snow up the steep slope; quite tiring to reach the high point; we met other skiers, admired a great view and then took a path back through knee-deep collapsing snow along a forest trail, and alongside cross-country tracks – snow entered my boots. Thirsty! The car turned into a dryer to help dry socks and boots. We returned via BTC, a massive shopping centre in Ljubljana where I stopped for fish and fried potato meal (after a long wait) and walked around shops and hi-fi and gadget shops. I visited Bostjan’s flat (top floor of a house) up stairs with a fat dog and friendly cat. I met Mira and her son, drank warm apple juice in the kitchen and saw a room full of ethnic instruments including a few didgeridoos. I enjoyed showing my photos lying on the bed and talked about the joys of India. I then went back for a quick shower at Janes’s (warm), a quick sausage dinner at Maria’s and out to see Lucka and family. Football was on TV, a computer in the corner, and I forgot the camera cable so Tilan went to collect it from Maria’s. I believe they will find the photos I downloaded inspiring. There was joking about Maria’s cold kitchen. I always have trouble understanding Milos who has a thick beard. I am writing this from Maria’s kitchen in the morning (with religious radio in the background) waiting to be picked up by Janes to take me to Idrija continuing my family responsibilities.

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