Foz, Brazilian Side, Thursday 10th February 2005

Helicopter View of Iguassu falls, Brazil

It is better than Niagara! I spent the whole day at the falls. For £10 a night a great buffet breakfast was included which I took advantage of. It was easy to get to the national park with the local bus and once inside the visitor centre, a further double-decker coach shuttled to the trails and views. This was a designer sight, engineered for maximum tourist pleasure. It reminded me of a theme park where the visitor is gently guided by marked paths and nudged by downward slopes, lifts, and when you want a drink or toilet facilities, they appear in the appropriate place. The multi-layered falls are spectacular and magnificent with rainbows, the roar of vertically rushing water and cooling spray. What great falling water! I stayed just ahead of the large Korean tour group. I stopped for a snack and espresso, after a leisurely stroll and I retraced my steps enjoying the view more and taking fewer photos. The larger group of raccoon-like animals were very sociable. A giant lizard crossed as I was enjoying the view of the falls from a bench. I could not resist a bit of shopping at the end and a helicopter ride – a great panoramic view. They videoed your departure and put the result on CD. In the following helicopter party an old lady lost her hat in the gust from the rotor blades and could be seen chasing after it. I crossed the road to the aviary and took photos of some toucans. I am enjoying my pasta at the cheap place with fewer hovering waiters and masters of ceremonies – for a third of the price.

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